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When you should not renew a tenant

My name is Tia Vincent and I'm the broker and owner of Roundtable Property Management. Today, we're going to discuss when you should not renew to your tenant. And I'm not talking about they haven't paid their rent or their problem children or, you know, you want to sell the home, not those types of tenants that you're not wanting to renew. 

But let's talk about the one that always pays their rent on time and never complains about anything. You haven't had any maintenance in the last year and they always pay on time and they are perfect tenants, right? 

We always do a renewal inspection. You always, always and I don't care if the tenants been there for four years and you've seen it and it's amazing. I have had tenants who lived in a home for five years with not a single problem. Beautiful inspections every single time. And on the fifth year, they moved their teenage son in and he destroyed the house. Those are the type of tenants that you may not want to renew to. 

So you want to go and do your renewal inspection. You want to check the AC filters, check underneath the sinks, check in the closet if you have, let's say, a single female living in your home. Per your lease. And you get there and two bedrooms are full of adult clothing and there's men's clothes hanging in the you know, the bedroom closet, the master bedroom closet. Now you've got unauthorized occupant or you get there and they've got a pit bull in the backyard that you knew nothing about. You need to do those renewal inspections. And just because that tenant is paying their rent and they're not being problem tenants and complaining about maintenance doesn't mean that you want to keep them in there. 

If you have a tenant coming up for renewal and you're uncomfortable doing these inspections and uncomfortable doing the renewal, roundtable property management can actually do those renewals for you. We can order the lease, get the tenants to sign the lease and do the renewal inspection for you. And if you don't want to renew to them, we can even deliver the notice of non renewal to vacate. 

If your tenant is coming up for renewal and you have any questions about the process. Feel free to give me a call and we can go over our services. My name is T Events. And on the broker and owner of Roundtable's Property Management.