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The Legalities Around Evictions: What You Should Know as a Landlord

The Legalities Around Evictions: What You Should Know as a Landlord

Jacksonville ranks 17th as the best city in America to start a business. And because Jacksonville is a central hub for the financial and transport industry, there are plenty of job opportunities. 

So, you invested in Jacksonville rental property for a steady and enhanced ROI. But, your tenant is late on your rent. Sure, it might tempt you to start the eviction process. 

However, if you begin evictions, you might face an eviction lawsuit, even though your tenant is paying you. So why take a chance? Before evicting tenants, read this guide. 

Even if you have a Jacksonville tenant from hell, the tenant still has eviction rights. So don't further jeopardize your rental cash flow with a premature or illegal eviction process. Instead, read this guide to learn what an eviction is and prevent an eviction lawsuit. 

Evictions in Jacksonville

Florida binds Jacksonville landlords by the Chapter 83 landlord-tenant agreement. Many of these statutes prohibit evictions based on race, gender, and other forms of discrimination. Also, Jacksonville landlords are prohibited from the following eviction process:

  1. Locking your tenant out
  2. Cutting off your tenant's utilities  
  3. You don't like them 

If you proceed in these matters, you could face an eviction lawsuit. However, Jacksonville landlords can legally commence the eviction process for the following:

  1. Late rent
  2. Tenant agreement violations
  3. Not renewing the tenant agreement
  4. Criminal activity

If you don't broker a new rental agreement, we can help you screen new tenants. Jacksonville landlords must give their tenants at least sixty-day notice that they're not renewing the lease. But, the eviction process begins with a written notice to your tenant. 

The Three Day Notice

A three-day notice is in order if your tenant is late on the rent. The Jacksonville tenant has three days to pay the late rent, excluding holidays and weekends. 

The eviction process can begin if the tenant hasn't paid the outstanding balance after three days. The three-day notice needs to state the outstanding rent balance, and the eviction process will commence if payment is not received.    

Lease Violation Notice 

Just because your tenant violates the rent or lease agreement doesn't mean the eviction process should begin. For minor violations, Jacksonville landlords must send their tenants a seven-day notice to cure. 

Be sure to stipulate the specific violations in the agreement and how the tenant can correct them. It should also stipulate that if the tenant fails to correct the violations, you will commence with the eviction process. 

However, some tenant violations aren't correctable. So instead, submit to your tenant an Unconditional Quit notice to legally avoid an eviction lawsuit. This seven-day notice informs your tenant that they have seven days to vacate your rental property or the eviction process begins. 

Round Table Property Management understands how stressful the eviction process is. Part of our exemplary services is assisting and managing the eviction process

Filing Complaints for Evictions  

After following the previous legalities, you or your attorney can file a formal eviction complaint. Florida handles eviction lawsuits in the civil court. 

Your complaint should contain the official notice sent to your tenants. It should also list the specific rental agreement violations. Then you must then serve the tenant with the eviction complaint. 

More about Jacksonville Evictions

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