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How to Start the Eviction Process in Jacksonville FL

My name is Tia Vincent and I am the broker and owner of Roundtable Property Management and today we're gonna talk about delivering a three day notice when your tenants are not paying. 

How to Start the Eviction Process in Jacksonville FL

So your tenant hasn't paid rent this month and it's time to start the eviction process. Or maybe just let them know that you're serious about them making payments on time. 

Something to remember that's really important about this demand notice is that it is three business days from the day that you deliver the notice.

What Date Must Go on the Notice?

  • You are going to have to put on that date what day they have until to pay.
  • This can not include weekends.
  • It can not include holidays.
  • You do not count the day that you post the notice.
  • You do not count the day of service.
  • The count starts the day after.

Recently, I just took over an eviction from a property owner who was trying to do the eviction herself. And when she provided me with the notice that she gave them a month ago, it was dated improperly because she counted the day of service and we had to start all over again.

Something else to remember when filling out this three day notice is you cannot include late fees in the amount that is due.

What Amount Goes on the Notice?

The only amount that goes on the three day notice is the amount of rent that they are behind.

Also, this notice doesn't say that you will evict them. It doesn't say when you will evict them. All it says is that after the three days, you have the ability to send them to the eviction attorneys. This is important to remember because if you've had communications with the tenants and they're saying, oh, I'm going to pay you on the 10th,  or they're going to pay you on the 7th. It's important to go ahead and still deliver the three day notice. So if they fail to pay when they told you they were going to, you can go ahead and start that process immediately. 

The Eviction Attorney will need:

When you make the decision to go ahead and send them to the eviction attorney, they're going to want a copy of the executed three day and a copy of the lease. At roundtable, we always recommend that you go ahead and take a photo of you posting the notice to the door. If you do post the notice, you do have to actually knock on the door. You can't just tape it and run away. If they don't answer, then you can tape it on the door and make sure you take a photo of it posted to the property.

If you have any questions about the process of evictions or delivering the three day notice feel free to reach out to me and we can go over it. Roundtable property management does offer an eviction service for homes that we do not manage.

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