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How to Handle Security Deposits the Right Way for Your Jacksonville Rental Property

There are legal requirements to how you collect, hold, and return security deposits in Florida. Today, we’re discussing the right way to handle security deposit claims if you need to withhold money after the tenants move out.

Property Management Jacksonville: Move-In Inspections

Believe it or not, your security deposit claim actually starts with your move-in inspection. You have to do a thorough inspection that accurately reflects the condition of the property when you hand it over to your tenant. At Round Table, we do a thorough move-in inspection which includes a 30-50 page PDF document that clearly demonstrates the condition of the home. It reflects how everything looks, from the walls to the floors and even the inside and outside of every cabinet and the serial make and model of all your appliances.

Property Management Jacksonville: Move-Out Inspections

When tenants have given you notice that they’re moving out and they turn in their keys and leave, you need to conduct your move-out inspection. We recommend that you do this within 24 hours of the tenant vacating. The purpose is to compare the condition of the home after move-out to the condition of the home when the tenant moved in.

Property Management Jacksonville: Returning the Security Deposit

If everything looks the same and there are no charges, you have 15 days to refund the security deposit in full, according to Florida law. If there are repairs that need to be made due to tenant damage, including cleaning or carpet cleaning, you have 30 days to make the claim in writing via certified mail. We recommend using a third party licensed and insured vendor to handle repairs. 

We handle move-in and move-out inspections as well as security deposit claims and vendor coordination. All these services are part of our full property management package. 

 If you have any questions about how to handle tenant security deposits or anything pertaining to Jacksonville property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Round Table Property Management. You have lives to live and we have work to do – but we’d be happy to tell you more about security deposit claims.