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Property Management Blog

Are We a Match?

Somebody recently asked me, Is there any property that you won't manage? I consider each property individually before I decide if that property is right for us. Here are some things I look for. 

Number one, has the home been maintained? Are all the systems in good working order? Is it cleaned? And is a seller willing to maintain these items throughout tenancy? This is one of the first conversations I have with the owners. There is a price to renting your property. Things like roof leaks, plumbing issues and an AC that works. Our owners must be willing to maintain the property. It's the law, by the way, when you hire us for full service property management. When someone calls that the plumbing stopped working, we handle that. 

Another thing we consider before taking on our property is rental price. If market value for a home is $1800 and an owner wants $2500, we have to have a hard conversation about that. And in the end, it may not be the right property for us. If you have a property that's well well-maintained and you understand that the market will set your rental value, we might be a match. 

If you have any more questions, please give us a call. I think you'll be surprised at our level of service. 9044697272.